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About: The Chickasaw Nation

Today, the Chickasaw Nation is economically strong, culturally vibrant and full of energetic people dedicated to the preservation of family, community and heritage. The tribe has been under the leadership of Governor Bill Anoatubby since he was elected to his first term in 1987.

The Chickasaw Nation is divided into three distinct departments (executivelegislative and judicial) established with the ratification of the 1983 Chickasaw Nation Constitution. It is based on the basic government structure of the 1856 Chickasaw Constitution.

Our tribal government is a democratic republic modeled after the federal government of the United States. Registered voters elect a governor and lieutenant governor, 13 members to the tribal legislature and three justices on the tribal Supreme Court. The seat of the tribal government is located in Ada, Oklahoma.

The Chickasaw Nation has more than 70,000 citizens worldwide. The Chickasaw Nation treaty territory encompasses 7,648 square miles of south-central Oklahoma. It encompasses all or parts of 13 Oklahoma counties.

The structure of the current government encourages and supports infrastructure for strong business ventures and an advanced tribal economy. The Chickasaw Nation is one of Oklahoma’s largest employers and operates more than 100 businesses. Monies generated support diversification of enterprises and support of tribal government operations, programs and services for First Americans.

The mission of the Chickasaw Nation is “to enhance the overall quality of life of the Chickasaw people.” To accomplish this mission, the tribe provides a wide variety of programs and services, including health care, education, housing, aging, youth and more.

Through programs in arts, humanities, history, culture and language, the Chickasaw Nation educates youth and adults in its rich heritage and traditions.

The Chickasaw Nation operates museums and historical sites, including the Chickasaw National Capitol and the Council House Museum in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, the Chickasaw White House in Emet, Oklahoma and the world-renowned Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

For more information about the Chickasaw Nation, visit Chickasaw.net.

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