Adelaide (Johnson Campbell) Bond

Adelaide Johnson [1] was the older sister of Montford T. Johnson. Her first marriage to Michael Campbell, Mary Elizabeth (Campbell) Johnson’s older brother, ended in his death. Her second marriage was to Jim Bond, who subsequently became an important business partner of Montford Johnson [2, p. 19].


Montford and Adelaide Johnson’s mother, Rebekah (Courtney) Johnson, died in 1843 or early 1844, at the Johnson home near Blue River north of Tishomingo, Indian Territory. Adelaide Johnson was about 3 years of age and her brother, Montford Johnson, was still a baby. Their father, Charles “Boggy” Johnson, decided to go back east and, against his wishes, left the children with their mother’s family [2, p. 15].

Adelaide Johnson received her education at Rock Academy in southern Chickasaw Nation, east of present-day Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Montford Johnson went to the Chickasaw Manual Labor Academy, located two miles southeast of Tishomingo. They attended school for about three years. Following school and their grandmother’s death, they were passed to their grandmother’s half brother, Captain Townsend Hothliche, who lived on the Washita River south of Fort Arbuckle, about seven miles west of present-day Davis, Oklahoma [2, p. 18].

Adelaide Johnson and Michael Campbell Marry

Adelaide Johnson visited Mary Elizabeth Campbell often and soon fell in love with Michael Campbell, the Campbell’s oldest son. After a short courtship, the couple were married at Tishomingo, the Chickasaw capital, in fall 1859. They made their home at the fort. Adelaide (Johnson) Campbell’s uncle was robbed and killed in the fall 1860. She was given his cabin. Her brother Montford Johnson helped Adelaide and Michael Campbell move from the fort into the cabin. It was during this time that Montford Johnson would meet Michael Campbell’s sister, his future wife. During the Campbell’s first winter in the cabin, Jan. 28, 1861, Adelaide Campbell gave birth to their first child, Charles Bryant Campbell [2, p. 22].

Michael Campbell Dies

Michael Campbell often rode home from the fort at night to be with wife Adelaide Campbell and his three children, C. B., Katherine and Ella. On a summer night in 1864 he drowned when he tried to ford the Washita River when it was running bank full. Adelaide Campbell and her children moved in with Montford and Mary Elizabeth. She was also pregnant with her fourth child [2, p. 25].

Merging the Johnson Households

After Michael Campbell’s death, Adelaide Campbell sold her remaining cattle interests to her brother Montford Johnson. She, her children and her mother Mary Campbell remained a part of the household.

Photo courtesy of the family of Montford Johnson

Adelaide and James H. Bond Marry

In 1871, Adelaide Campbell met and married a white trader named Jim Bond. While Montford Johnson disapproved of the speed of their courtship, Jim Bond became a Chickasaw citizen by marriage and later an important and trusted business partner of Montford Johnson [2, p. 79].

Building of “Happy Hollow”

In 1879, Jim and Adelaide Bond built a new home on the South Canadian River called “Happy Hollow.” Over the years, the couple, especially Adelaide Bond, would become known for their generous hospitality. Their home would become a frequent stop for cattle drives, especially during high water [2, p. 127].

Photo courtesy of the family of Montford Johnson

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