Vicey "Granny" Harmon

Vicey “Granny” Harmon [1] was a Chickasaw who became an important ranching partner for Montford Johnson. She ran Council Grove Ranch [2, p. 83].


Vicey Harmon, known as “Granny Vicey,” was the wife of Samson Harmon, a mostly blind Cherokee living near the Montford Johnson’s Walnut Creek Ranch. She had wanted to run Jesse Chisolm’s store at Council Grove but his untimely death had left her needing a financial partner. She attempted to convince Montford Johnson to back her but he was not originally convinced. The next year Samson Harmon died, leaving Vicey Harmon’s situation even direr. [1, p. 78]

Vicey Harmon Begins Ranching Partnership with Johnson

In 1870, Montford Johnson declined to partner with Vicey Harmon on a store but instead she entered into a ranching partnership with him, the Council Grove Ranch. Vicey Harmon moved her interests, as Montford Johnson also did, to Silver City [2, p. 128].

Photo courtesy of the family of Montford Johnson

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